Let’s work together! Vonage brings access to resources tailored to you

Published in Apr 22, 2021

Vonage is a cloud communications platform that allows startups to integrate voice, video and messaging (and much more) into their applications using their communication APIs. So whether you want to build voice calls into your app, create a Facebook bot, or build applications on top of programmable phone numbers, Vonage has got you covered. As part of its startup program, they have partnered with a number of accelerators, incubators, VCs and startups enabling organizations to support and educate their startup communities about how to take advantage of Communications APIs best.

DMS Accelerator is now one of its partners! And the startups that are accepted get up to 500 euro of API credits and the chance to get support directly from our Product Managers and Developers on how to best use the APIs. This is in the form of 1:1s, mentoring sessions, technical workshops etc.

Each startup using the APIs is different, for example somebody using Voice needs more support compared to somebody just using SMS so we try to be flexible and agile with the approach.

In general, the program provides benefits across 4 pillars:

  • LEARN – Gain access to Vonage technical resources and curated startup content. Learn how to use our APIs and save valuable time.
  • BUILD – Utilize our products through a credits package and tailored technical sessions to build your MVP, reach more customers and grow your business.
  • RECEIVE TAILORED SUPPORT – Selected startups can leverage Vonage resources tailored to their needs to solve challenges they are facing.
  • CONNECT – Join our community and have the opportunity to engage with other founders, developers and advocates.


Our colleague Dennis (Digital coordinator of SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator) has chatted with Vonage. Dennis breaks down his passion for working with the startup community and gives an inside look into the DMS Accelerator program.