What occurred at the first DMS Bootcamp?

Published in Jan 28, 2020

On December 2019, seven of the fifty data startups selected to take part in the DMS program where invited to Leipzig for the first DMS Bootcamp. An event organized by our project to conclude these first months full of services.

These seven startups travelled from their respective cities to Spinlab offices in Leipzig. This innovative group of startups were selected between the other ones that have taken part during this first year of the project. Their implication on the project through the services gave them the opportunity to be the chosen ones to participate on this event.

Over the two days, these guests have attended to workshops, pitch trainings and networking with the other startups.

The day one of DMS Bootcamp kicked off with a welcome package and a tour through Spinlab offices “Getting to know the facilities”. Then the workshops started: How to prepare your pitch deck, Content Marketing Strategy and IP Workshop. Also, the attendees had the opportunity to take 1 to 1 Sessions with our experts.

Meanwhile some of the members where on their 1 to 1 session, others where on a personal interview about their startups and about their experience with DMS Services.

These interviews where recorded and at the moment there are under edition production to create individual videos for each startup as the last of our services.

Day 2 workshops were focused on: Data Standardization, GDPR and How to pitch in front of investors (SpinLab).

The Bootcamp closing ceremony was dedicated to award the startups with a direct pass to the next Pixels Camp in Lisbon.

Before the event we release a bunch of stickers to be used on Instagram. Our startups had the opportunity to start using them during the Bootcamp but you can keep add them to your stories! Just search “Data Market Services” on the stickers browser and enjoy our startup gifs.

All of this couldn’t be possible without the warm welcome from our startups. A big thank you to everyone who took part, and we are already excited for the next Open Call and meet you there. Stay tuned!

We will come back soon with more content from our startups and for you!