Web of Things, a solution for IoT interoperability

Published in Jun 17, 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely recognized to have lots of potential, but its commercial promise is being held back by fragmentation. Moreover, with the diversity of technologies used in IoT, such as protocols and data models, information technology users are increasingly facing high integration and maintenance costs in IoT projects as well as the need to avoid isolated silos that often leave them stuck with obsolete software and falling behind in innovation. 

The W3C Web of Things (WoT) technologies are intended to make the IoT convenient in a way similar to application development on the Web. They define a Web-based abstraction layer for existing platforms, devices, gateways and services. W3C’s WoT standards enable the rapid growth of open markets for devices and services.

WoT is applicable to multiple IoT domains, including smart homes, smart cities, agriculture, retail, and health applications, where the usage of the W3C WoT standards can simplify the development of IoT systems that combine devices from multiple vendors and ecosystems. WoT technologies are available today in a number of solutions already deployed in products, as testified in these success stories from W3C members.