Web Audio API enables the creation and manipulation of music and sounds, directly in the browser

Published in Jun 22, 2021

Web Audio API is now a W3C Web standard, bringing music and audio creation and manipulation to the Web. As a complement to the HTML5 <audio> element allowing for basic streaming audio playback, WebAudio is a JavaScript API that facilitates complex audio processing and synthesizing.

It is already widely deployed for the creation of music and sound effects on Web pages. Thanks to a rich set of modular building blocks, Web and apps developers can create a wide range of applications, such as: auditory feedback in user interfaces, musical instruments, soundtracks and effects for entertainment and gaming, teaching, spatial audio for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), online audio editing apps, crossfading and compression for in-car music management, and audio analysis and visualization.

Web Audio API is deployed as a royalty-free feature in modern Web browsers and other devices and platforms, both on desktop and mobile, eliminating the need to install plugins or download separate native audio applications. Web Audio is used in many applications including: SoundCloud, Mozilla Hubs, Firefox Mixed Reality, Ableton, Google Meet and Stadia, SoundTrap, Amped Studio, BandLab, BeatPort, Soundation, Leimma & Apotome, and Spotify.


Header Picture – Charlotte May at Pexels