Three years scaling data-centric startups to the next level

Published in Jan 17, 2022

DMS Accelerator has come to an end. It is not something that takes us by surprise but at the same time, it is difficult to assimilate that the programme will not be having a new edition in the coming months. However, everything that we have learned will be reflected in what we do from now on.

Three years ago the path of DMS Accelerator, (previously known as “Data Market Services”), began. We changed the name in order to increase our visibility in the startups’ world, and since then, we have not stopped our mission: “scaling data-centric startups to the next level”.

For the past years, we have been attending a wide variety of startup-related events around Europe, sometimes staying home due to the pandemic but delivering numerous webinars and podcasts, and organizing our own events – three bootcamps and two investors’ weeks.

Throughout these 3 years, we combined the experience and knowledge of innovation experts, accelerators & startup support actors to help European startups grow their businesses.

We have met 150 startups, some of them in person, others via a computer screen. We have offered webinars, online courses, guidelines, mentoring and coaching sessions, and meetings with investors.

Some of the startups have also actively participated in our social networks and have been a great support in the creation of content for this project.

Within all the accomplished activities, we have been able to enjoy great pitches and see how the startups have been improving and reaching different goals. Above all, DMS has been an enriching experience. Even in 2020, the year of the pandemic, DMS Accelerator did not stop its mission and we have been present in more than 30 international startup-related events during these three years.

This consortium is a team of accelerators, investors, and corporations across Europe with the same objective: to boost European data-centric startups. And we think we managed that pretty well.

Thank you for inspiring us!