Taking care of heritage as foundation for a carefree life

Published in Nov 3, 2020

Author – memoresa

Everybody likes the feeling of being young, active and carefree. What people don’t realize is, that they are still getting older no matter how they try to slow down this process. Consequently, it is important to spare some thoughts about what will happen after we passed away. What about my insurances or subscriptions? How and when do I or my trusted people have to deal with which document?

The good thing is, that there is a possibility to establish order to this chaos. The answer is: provision of heritage. Once you think about it, you will realize the importance of this subject. When talking about heritage, most of the people have their big file folders in mind in which they collect all of their important documents like insurances, contracts or subscriptions. But wouldn’t it be more convenient to have everything digital and be able to access it whenever and wherever you want to?

And it’s not just about collecting everything important in one place. It’s also about knowing how to deal with these documents, there are some not commonly known issues e.g. knowing the right time to contact insurances after somebody dies or managing cancellations of contracts, subscriptions, social media or other accounts. Without this knowledge problems could arise, e. g. not getting the money or services you should have or in the worst case, pay dues which are not even relevant anymore. Another part of provision is writing your living will and a power of attorney. All those documents can be digitalized and easily shared with your trusted people during lifetime.

Making provision for heritage costs some time, but it´s the way to a carefree life, where everything is organized and clarified. Also, it’s not just you who takes advantage of this process. It’s even more your family and loved ones. With your provision you will make it a lot easier for them in case they need to deal with decisions and documents in a time you are not next to them to help.

This article was made by memoresa