"Meeting and where possible, collaborating with people having interesting and relevant business ideas. Join hands and add value by either investing time, effort or money."

Witsy Limited

Year or founding: 2019
Location: United Kingdom
On a mission to build efficient and productive B2B sales organisations

An online sales intelligence platform using AI and large scale public data gathering to provide real-time intelligence on over 30 million businesses and 600 million-plus decision-makers.

Information - Intelligence - Insights
Two achievements, First: Getting early investment from Wayra (Telefonica). Second: Pivoting early in the Pandemic, gathering our various IPs built to automate machine learning, to instead build a sales intelligence engine.
Understand the problem statement extremely carefully, discuss your potential solution with a selected set of intended/potential customers. Initial investment in this exercise will ensure a product that has a product market fit and a potential (identified) customer base that will pay to buy/use the product. A lot of startups build a product on a problem statement identified internally by the founding team. To go ahead and build, without enough early research can lead to a long drawn and protracted product market fit, including costly pivots.