"Keep the hands on to resolve environmental problems and how to how to make it a reality. Understand about create a business and how to accelerate it as well as learning how to create value to people and companies."


Year or founding: 2020
Location: France
An Energy Assistant for property managers that handles more than 10 buildings

A company committed to the fight against climate change that reconciles conflicting values ​​such as diversity and equality, environment and profitability or even simplicity and performance.

Voltyo is an Energy Assistant for property managers that handles more than 10 buildings. Centralizing a huge number of building’s data is a tedious and time-consuming task; analyzing them is even more complicated. Voltyo centralizes it, in a non-intrusive way, using all already available data, from energy suppliers(consumption and bills), weather and building mainly usage, to give insights about building performance. So it accelerates their decision and identifies where to improve first.

Green - Diversity - Simplicity
We had signed-in two potential contracts based just on our idea 2 months before create our MVP. Then we had two month to create it.
Be resilient and keep seriously your client feedback to improve your product. And try to sell as most as you can. If you prove your traction everything will be more easy.