"We provide the missing link in IoT: existing sensors provide some data but rarely context. We digitize scenes and movement with smart 3D sensing solutions with intelligence on the edge. We enable digitalization of movement and interpretation of scenes, happenings, situations, status, etc."


Year or founding: 2012
Location: France
3D sensing solutions to capture scenes and movement for digital transformation

Terabee has built a portfolio of sensors and 3D digitalization tools encompassing hardware modules and software libraries. These allow us to rapidly enter target applications and generate valuable data for specific markets. These include People Counting solutions for Smart Buildings, Materials and Stock Volume monitoring for AgTech and Industrial Automation, and Mobile Robotics solutions for Industry 4.0.

Lidar - 3D Cameras - IoT
Many years ago we built the smallest, lightest and highest performance distance sensor modules, using LED instead of lasers, breaking previous rules of “what’s possible” in the rangefinder world (sold to many drone companies). In the following years, we evolved more towards solutions, including some industrial applications, and we built an expansive portfolio of products and solutions in just a few years. A great achievement in terms of time to market for new product development.
The idea is nothing - execution is everything; also in terms of quality, but especially in timing. Be careful to run behind large companies with “innovation plans” since it often means that they don’t know what they want, and are unlikely to move into real business (especially in expected timescales).