"We have a vision about how things can be and with our understanding of intersection technologies and the possibilities they offer, we create solutions that address issues extremely effectively and make us proud. This drives us to be enterprising."

Smart Cloud Farming

Year or founding: 2019
Location: Germany
Bringing transparency and trust to carbon farming with remote soil analytics

SmartCloudFarming is an advanced soil analytics start-up giving an almost century-old soil management practices the ‘sci-fi makeover’ using data and AI. The startup uses remote-sensing data to create 3D digital soil maps and is building the first data-driven dashboard for remote soil management. With its technology, SmartCloudFarming can detect and track changes in soil carbon remotely at depths of 30 cm for soil moisture and monitor soil moisture at depths of 90 cm. Its vision is to map the world’s soils in 3D and remove the conflict between sustainability and profitability in agriculture.

Trusted - Carbon - Farming
We have been selected as one of the most innovative agtech startups globally even though we are till date very inadequately funded. It gives us great pleasure to see that we are able to compete and even be better than startups that have millions in funding.
Identify your customers first and understand their inner motivation when developing a product/solution. Customer feedback is important, but, it is not the last word. Customers/Markets are not qualified to validate new ideas or solutions. You need to believe in what you are doing and pull it through. Pay attention to brand identity and image. And also to the language you use. These influence decision making.