"We want to take financial traders out of the emotional loop."


Year or founding: 2018
Location: United Kingdom
We make advanced AI available to everyone

Predictiva is a Fintech start-up company with a mission to make advanced AI algorithms available to more individuals and organization around the globe.

Supported by a team of Data Scientists and AI Researchers, our AI platform, Investiva, helps financial traders & investment managers to trade multiple financial assets using state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms while avoiding human emotional-bias.

We want to enable financial traders to be more autonomous. Financial traders spend countless additional hours, over their assumed 60-hour work week, sorting through information to find reliable resources and create a solid trading plan. When they make a mistake, as many do, they resort to ‘emotional or revenge trading’ to immediately try to get their losses back as soon as possible. We want to take financial traders out of this emotional loop.

Innovative - Autonomous - AI
We have built the first fully autonomous financial trading platform that uses advanced deep reinforcement learning algorithms to continuously learn and adapt to new market conditions. Our platform evolves over time and gains experience without the human emotional-bias.
Do not just assume that if you built it, people will use it. You need to do some good market research with experts from the field and get honest feedback to validate your idea.