"We all wanted flying cars... We are passionate about this. Testing ideas in a lean way is also a common passion in the team."


Year or founding: 2014
Location: Spain
Real heroism is transforming dreams in reality and ideas in facts.

Linknovate brings AI to corporate innovation and facilitates internal team communication and engagement around innovation monitoring. We help save time and detect x5 innovation “signals” and market opportunities. Thanks to massive data mining and ML we make it easy for our clients to detect innovation activity of competitors, partners, providers and newcomers (e.g. startups), such as the launch of new products, partnerships, publications, news, grant funding, investments, and trends in general in their industry of interest.

To make innovation faster and more efficient, because software can also help in this area, and can assist humans in this critical endeavour. We all wanted flying cars… We are passionate about this, and since we have learned a lot about the “survival” phase of a startup (survived for 7 years), we are now into the growth phase and want to learn all about “scaling”.
Testing ideas in a lean way is also a common passion in the team.

Innovation - Future - Radar
We have talked to the most interesting people in many (hundreds) of the biggest and also most successful companies in the world. We talked to the people inside those companies who have the "privilege" of thinking about the future and received overwhelmingly positive feedback so far. We are proud of that. Also about what we have accomplished technically.
Own what you set as an objective for yourself. Own it until the end, no excuses. Giving everything is the only way to not regret anything.