"Building something new, relevant and unique with a great group of talented people."


Year or founding: 2020
Location: The Netherlands
Together we revolutionise the world of football and help youth players reach their full potential

At JOGO we love football and technology. So why not mix them up? By bringing data science, AI and machine learning (ML) into youth development, our favourite game becomes even better. JOGO makes discovering and optimising the best talents an easy goal.

JOGO’s state-of-the-art data collection – driven by AI, machine vision and learning, sensor tech and much more – makes it possible to track physique, technique and cognitive abilities seamlessly. Clubs and trainers now can follow the progress of their players, while young talents can measure their growth – all in real-time.

Track - Analyze - Improve
We have built a patent pending solution in less then 10 months which has a huge adoption in the football industry, which is advanced from a technology perspective, and has multiple different use cases in many different industries, end therefore almost unlimited in scale.
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