"To know every steps that lead to a mature business to be able to do it again and to share this experience with others."

Find & Order

Year or founding: 2015
Location: France
Find & Order enhances professional operations in large facilities

They provide their clients with an infrastructure-free tracking solution to follow, analyse and support their operations on site. Their main focus is on logistics and retail at the moment because they share a common strategic use case: picking operations.
No need for beacons or other hardware in buildings to track activity and assets.

Indoor-tracking - Operations - Cross-sector
We are proud to work on tough science topics and like other statups to contribute to a better knowledge of magnetic fingerprinting and how it can be applied to businesses. A huge achievement is also to create its own job and others: this is part of the most valuable things according to us.
Answer a simple need first but visualize a mid/long term goal; choose feed-backs; talk to your clients asap even before your product is ready; track convertion metrics to assess your work and challenge your priorities.