"Help in the fight against climate change by reducing CO2 emissions from wildfires."


Year or founding: 2020
Location: Germany
Providing ultra-early detection of wildfires using solar-powered gas sensors in a large-scale IoT mesh network placed in the forest.

Dryad develops Silvanet, a large-scale, distributed sensor network for ultra-early wildfire detection and continuous health monitoring of the forest. The solar-powered gas sensors use embedded AI to detect wildfires within 60 minutes. With reduced reaction time for wildfires, Dryad helps to protect the world’s largest carbon sink, addressing deforestation and emissions from forest fires which cause up to 20% of global carbon emissions. Dryad will also mitigate the economic damages caused by wildfires, estimated to be at $140bn per year, tapping into a substantial market potential with insurances as well as private and public forest owners.

Green - Wildfires - Sensors
Building a Team, MPV and raising €1.8m seed funding in the middle of the Covid pandemic (Sep 2020).
Never, ever, give, up.