"It just makes sense to be there when your customer needs you."


Year or founding: 2020
Location: Portugal
We take the Retailer beyond the Customer's Front Door.

The Customer journey does not end with the sale or delivery of a product, in fact that is where it enters into its most important step of the lifecycle. Delloop understands this and helps the Retailer take advantage of it.

By capturing the moments of truth across the entire lifecycle; sale, delivery, usage, warranty and indeed disposal in a closed-loop Delloop opens up a wealth of insights for the Retailer to discover, understand and improve the customer experience and of course, profit.

It just makes sense to be there when your customer needs you.

What inspires the Delloop team?

Coming up with human-centric solutions for online retailers that replicate the real-world shopping interactions of their customers, applying sophisticated technology that results in a familiar, comfortable experience for every shopper. And never using technology for technology’s sake!

To create and build an enterprise around this premise.

Communication - Connection - Trust
After extensive experimentation with retailers and customers, we believe we have created an application and processes that already provide a level of interaction between retailer and customer that goes far beyond the usual sales cycle. A University team (from Amsterdam), recently conducted research and competitor analysis for Delloop and discovered that the Delloop solution is unique and without directcompetitors. Of this we are very proud!
Love your customer’s problems more than you love your solution. Research, test and validate your hypotheses and your product/business concept to make sure it is relevant to, and needed by, the customer, before commencing any development. Never assume and don’t convince yourself that your solution is needed or solves any problem.