"We aim to make cycling safe. This is just possible if we have cycling data. Digital solutions can improve the cycling infrastructure much faster and more efficient."


Year or founding: 2019
Location: Germany
Dashfactory aims to make cycling safe, and to digitize the planning of cycling infrastructure.

Dashbike is the first and long awaited dashcam for cyclists with distance measurement, GPS, Gyroscop, daytime running lights, and many other sensors.

Dashtrack is an innovative, unique and fast scaleable data platform to digitise cycling across Europe with Dashbike to make cycling safer. We record all relevant (cycling) traffic data of cyclists on a daily basis, including processing and analysis.

Smart Cities - Traffic turnaround - Micromobility
We are proud that we developed the first safetycam for cyclist, which is distance measuring and a pure sensorbox at all. We found a way to give the consumer a benefit to produce data for a better cycling infrastructure.
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