"To eliminate technical and economic scalability issues of big data management for all types of companies."


Year or founding: 2018
Location: Italy
A high-performance, scalable and energy-efficient database

AyraDB is a next-generation database, 100% technology independent and with outstanding performance and scalability. AyraDB is unique as it provides sub-millisecond latency (i.e. response time) on disk. Currently, companies have to use in-memory databases to achieve sub-millisecond latency. Storing data on disk reduces the cost of data management by a factor of 20 and makes AyraDB a disruptive technology.

Obtaining scalability at a fraction of the cost unlocks business benefits in a number of use cases. It reduces the barriers to entry for SMEs in data-intensive businesses, it enables new business models based on the exploitation of large datasets, it helps ensure the success of independent players in the data market and it is environmentally sustainable. Compared to top competitors, the performance edge of AyraDB reduces hardware costs and energy consumption by a factor of 20.

Efficient - Scalable - Green
We have built the fastest on-disk database currently on the market.
Be a user of your own technology.