Ceno Analytics

Year or founding: 2021
Location: United Kingdom
Sales leads generation for your B2B business

Sales teams traditionally rely on manual effort to scan databases looking for individuals that share the same characteristic to mark them as leads. This process is tiring, time consuming and prone to overlooking relevant leads because of human error or/and the filtering methods used. With ceno analytics, we are building a smarter solution that automates this process and generates “intelligent” quality sales leads, faster and more accurately. Our solution can help B2B companies find and identify new clients by using the potential lead’s own shared Tweets and social media information to identify their interest in a product or service.

In order to create this solution, the idea is to leverage social media’s huge amount of user-generated data to identify people/profiles who share similar characteristics and preferences as well as used similar language on their social media profiles. This could be achieved by using text mining and natural language processing techniques.

Sales - Analytics - Social Media
We are building a solution that would innovate the sales leads generation domain. We were accepted and participated in the university of Leicester startup accelerator.
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