"Changing the future of industrial machines. We want to stop machines from breaking. And building a new industrial category that combines fintech and industrial sector."


Year or founding: 2020
Location: United Kingdom
Enabling disruption-free industrial operations

Amygda is a web-based software platform that captures data from industrial machines or, and analyses it to predict their operational performance. Amygda creates ‘healthy’ machines through the timely and accurate identification of potential failure modes, allowing you to act before a breakdown occurs.

Analytics - Maintenance - Predicting
We are early stage, but we are already building data models that mimic human behaviour in industries and not relying on traditional approach businesses are taking.
Think big. And build credibility. When building a business at the very early stages, people trust you. You are the brand. For any customer to work with you, they need to gravitate towards you. You can build credibility a number of ways - but most importantly, find the founder-product fit or founder-problem fit.