"We believe that access to extensive, detailed, and high-quality external data is one key requirement for developing true AI and applying it to real-world use cases. We want to help organizations overcome the challenges connected to building this critical data-foundation and this way enable faster data-driven innovation."

Alpha Affinity

Year or founding: 2020
Location: Germany
Real-world insights through high-quality linked data

At Alpha Affinity, we help companies get access to relevant external data sources, create high-quality, linked datasets and get deeper insights about the world around them. With our scalable data pipeline, we are able to source various types of data that can be analyzed in our intuitive web applications or directly via API.

Scalable - Data - Intelligence
We managed to work through a very challenging founding year 2020, built our own state-of-the-art data sourcing framework and won our first, high-profile customers - despite being fully bootstrapped and thus having very limited resources.
There are challenges that can’t be solved just by spending money. In fact, high investments at an early stage can limit your ability to find the most promising direction and introduce too much unnecessary complexity.