We are confident that AI will revolutionize any business and will be a game-changer in many industries. We aim at being part of the AI revolution and foster innovative discoveries by enabling secure, reliable, and more democratic access to data.


Year or founding: 2018
Location: Italy
Foster medical discovery with synthetic data

Aindo is an artificial intelligence startup of the International School of Advanced Study (SISSA). We are building a secure, reliable, and GDPR compliant synthetic data exchange platform named MED-X to enable healthcare institutions to access, share and aggregate clinical data, to foster collaborations and research.

Dynamic - Creative - Strong
During our academic and industrial journey, we have been fortunate enough to participate in many different AI research projects that shed new light on topics spanning several fields from biology to finance. However, we are incredibly proud of the last product we are developing for safe data sharing. This project enabled us to be accepted in very prestigious accelerators as CDL at Oxford University, took us very close to finalize an important investment round, and granted us the opportunity to meet very talented and smart people. However, the most significant aspect of our product is the possibility to foster clinical research and new medical discoveries while preserving patient privacy.
When you start a new journey many things can go wrong and a few of them will. The most important skills to have in your pocket to navigate and eventually succeed in a competitive and fast-changing business environment are flexibility and timing. Be ready to change and do it when it the right moment. Develop a POC, listen to your customer, incorporate the adjustment fast and iterate the process. Don't get in love with your idea!