"The aim is to make it easier, less time consuming and more pleasurable for the users to get the information they need from the companies. We believe that the only way is through the conversation."


Founded: 2016
Location: Poland, United Kingdom
Conversational Commerce Voice Platform

Yosh.AI is a deep tech company using AI for automating the communication through custom-made voice and text Assistant. Conversational commerce and customer service solution supports websites, social channels and phone line – in any language.

They have proven business value for companies like Intu UK, MediaMarkt, CCC, Frisco and another launching for them voice and text assistants across many channels and languages.

The solution is based on the most advanced AI technologies, with proven successful implementations for international retailers. Our state-of-the-art algorithms based on neural networks within image recognition and NLP, are at the level of those offered by Google or Amazon within this domain, giving our company market advantage. Our technology allows brands to offer new levels of engagement with users during the end customer journey: starting from product discovery, through a convenient purchase process, till post-purchase customer support with voice or text conversation.

Furthermore, to ensure a flawless shopping experience, Yosh.AI adds functionalities within search, like visual search, which is especially important for fashion retailers. Another such functionality is automated tagging, to ensure product searchability. Our Machine Learning (ML) model tested on Zalando dataset came 2nd in the ranking, and significantly overperforms Google solution. Our product development roadmap includes two important additional modules: user profiling engine and predictive recommendation engine. All our 4 main components: AI Assistant, Visual Engine, Users Profiling, and Predictive Recommendations make the complete, data-driven solution for retailers, offering the end to end fully automated customer experience via retailers preferred digital channel.

Yosh.AI is officially recognized as a Google Partner delivering high-quality Actions on Google Assistant.

Their mission is to empower companies to talk to their customers through every channel of communication across the globe.

Yosh.AI can change how companies interact with their users. They give brands voice and this is an absolutely amazing opportunity to create technology that changes how companies work and to change the way how communication is conducted.

The aim is to make it easier, less time consuming and more pleasurable for the users to get the information they need from the companies. We believe that the only way is through the conversation.

Innovative - Customer-centered - Revolutionary
We implemented our first phone-line automated assistant in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Digitalization: our phone assistant supported the government in providing information about COVID-19 to Polish citizens. In spite of little to no experience in phone-line solutions at the time, we managed to implement this solution within days from the day when the epidemic spread to Poland. Later, the solution also won the World Health Organization's Global Hackathon. Currently, we are using the gained knowledge for the benefit of our clients, for whom we are also implementing our solution for phone-lines. We were very proud that we could use our technology to resolve such an important human need - about 40 K people were calling the Ministry of Health helpline daily to get information about the corona symptoms, closest hospital or quarantine. Our solution will in the future totally change how the communication between companies, organisations and human being is done. And everything thanks to Artificial Intelligence which we are creating.
Someone once said that according to the laws of physics a bumblebee's wings are too small to lift the insect's weight and let it fly. Fortunately, the bumblebee doesn't know that... and indeed it flies. Aim high and remember that if someone tells you that something can’t be done, it only means that they cannot do it. There is no recipe for success.