"To be able to build something new changing and improving how the digital customers are served."


Founded: 2017
Location: Spain
Mindset-Insights & Digital Empathy Management System

Whenwhyhow solves the missing link of digital transformation, the ability to understand customer mindset and interact empathetically creating trust and loyalty. “Mindset-Insights & Digital Empathy Management System

whenwhyhow is a pioneering new type of Customer Data Platform (CDP) focused on customer-mindset analytics and actionable AI-based #digitalempathy to improve loyalty, reduce churn, and boost LTCV.

whenwhyhow is the missing piece of digital customer service and business intelligence puzzle providing a new case of actionable AI for intensive in customer service verticals & data-driven companies looking for efficient ways to structure, store and make available the business information.

The Whenwhyhow integration with your digital channels, CRM, and other data sources used is API based, quick, easy & painless and deployable in the cloud.

Understanding - Customer - Mindset
For us, in our current stage (with not VC on yet) to be listed as Gartner Cool Vendor 2020 in CRM Customer Service & Support is really encouraging to pursue our vision.
In a startup, there is not a day when you do not learn something new. Make the most of the journey, no business school will teach you what this experience does.