"The current societal and technological solutions have a lot of challenges and are not accessible to large group of organisations or individuals. Our motivation is to build decentralised eco-systems where the innovations and technologies are accessible to masses while ensuring transparency and privacy of the users."


Founded: 2018
Location: Sweden
Transparent and Trustworthy data platform for AI

Unbiased is an award-winning Swedish tech startup, building solutions to fight biased AI, fake news & misinformation. Innovations include Unbiased Data Marketplace, Search Engine, and Social Gateway.

Its first offering is its Data Marketplace platform which will help different industries and enterprises working with AI and Machine Learning applications by providing structured training data in a transparent and trustworthy fashion. The platform will also offer a wide range of services including real-time data collection, annotation, labeling, and analytics. Through its solutions, Unbiased aims to contribute towards innovation and the betterment of societies.

Innovative - Futuristic - Challenger
One of the biggest achievement for us is to sustain as a bootstrapped startup in the domain of AI and BigData. I am also proud that Unbiased is featured in different parts of the world both physically and virtually even with limited resources. We are also proud to be recognized as the Best AI & ML startup of the year 2019 Award from Nordic Startup Awards.
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