Founded: 2017
Location: The Netherlands
Creating a future of opportunity through digital identity

Tykn envisions a world where identities are portable, private, and secure so that no one has to lose access to their identity ever again. Creating a future of opportunity.

Tykn’s Ana platform allows organizations to issue tamper-proof digital credentials which are verifiable anywhere, at any time. Users can prove their ID to access services while remaining in full control of what personal data is viewed, shared & stored.

Opportunity - Through - Dentity
In 2017, we started our collaboration with The Netherlands Red Cross. Since then we've created the 121 Platform together for expedited Cash-Based Aid. We won the Netherlands Chivas Venture Awards & placed top 5 in the global competition, with a €50k award. We have lobbied a lot for higher degrees of privacy, especially in the humanitarian sector, from the European Commission to the UN. The fruit of that 3-year labor is finally starting to pay off.
Focus on creating a strong foundation. Even if you build something great, a weak foundation can cause the company to crumble years down the line. This is part of the reason why early stage investors care so much about the founding team. Having said that, do not raise too early and do not sell yourself short.