After designing agro-ecological systems for many years and seeing how solutions to climate change can be embarrassingly simple, we decided to help speeding up the transition towards a carbon negative food system.

Revalue It

Founded: 2019
Location: Cyprus
Tackling climate change one farm at the time

Revalue It provide farmers with an incentive to transition towards regenerative agriculture by measuring carbon sinking in their farm using Earth Observation and AI (proprietary technology).
We edit Carbon credit that farmers can sell on our blockchain trading platform.

Revalue It also provides food producers with a fully integrated blockchain traceability eco-system and blockchain independent certifications (quality, safety, environmental impacts).

Verify - Trace - Trust
Since we started, we have sealed partnerships with the major players in Blockchain food traceability, we are now ready to implement full traceability and our own independent certifications. We recently won the Parsec accelerator competition (PARSEC is an EU funded business accelerator supporting the creation of new Earth Observation (EO) based products and services) allowing us to develop our technology to remotely measure Carbon sinking in orchards and we started signing up farms. We were also selected to participate in the STARTUP3 Business and Growth Program.
Get perspective! It is easy to get caught into a rigid frame when it comes to your idea, accelerators and incubators will bring you help from professionals that will see your project with a different angle, bringing you much needed perspective, don’t be afraid to change your cap and be open to opportunities.