"What makes us passionate is helping all companies - large and small, from various business areas to optimize their operations and make efficient strategic decisions."


Founded: 2017
Location: Greece
Embedding science in software development, applying data analytics, simulation and game theory in decision-making support solutions

RENVIS -Researching Visions- was founded in 2017 with the aim of commercializing tools that help with the obstacles in the supply chain. Soon enough, a core team of elite professionals with complementary skills was created with the sole mission to provide business software solutions that help companies to thrive! From Researching & Reporting to Software Development & Funding Suggestions, RENVIS can effectively support organizations’ strategy and vision.

Their core product is SOFIA, a simple, easy to use, and innovative decision support system, that is applicable to many industries and is appropriate for small teams and multinationals. SOFIA DSS is all you need to select the right supplier, hire the best person, or choose the right product based on your own business criteria.

RENVIS strives to become a global software company and is constantly seeking new opportunities for growth. Its overall objectives are to serve the industry by developing new products and services, to benefit of our employees and stakeholders, and to achieve high returns on investment.”

Researching - Innovation - Data
We are very proud of our participation in Data-Pitch because the outcome was the development of the SOFIA DSS.
We would advise new entrepreneurs/startups to have a clear vision and work hard to achieve their goals. This combination will lead them to success.