"Solving problems is our main driving force. We see the great potential hidden in big data analytics and how it could help the world we live in. As we have a lot of experience with location-based services, transportation, and mobility in general, we’re looking to solve these problems first."


Year or founding: 2018
Location: Slovakia
Maximizing the utilization of public EV chargers

Mobilyze is a location intelligence platform tailored to the needs of charge point operators. It helps them understand the market situation, dynamics, and future demand. All this with a single aim – maximizing the utilization of their chargers. We use open and licensed geolocation and other datasets to evaluate current trends to see what will happen in the future.

EV - Location - Intelligence
Although it’s a bit cheesy, the team we have is the biggest success. All the other things wouldn’t be possible without the people who work on Mobilyze.
Focus on one problem, and one problem only. Try to be as specific as possible. Otherwise you’ll waste resources.