"Chance to build an organization from scratch, enjoy in a very promising market and use founders experience to give some opportunity to our young team."


Year or founding: 2017
Location: Italy
Improving workers' health and safety

Mensior is developing science-based technology for the measurement of mind waves and the identification and reporting of specific mind statuses. Their first goal is to develop ValueMyBrain, a new generation safety helmet to alert a helmet-wearing worker when his mental workload and sleepiness change impacting his own safety.

Mensior broader goal is to establish ourselves as leaders in the measurement and processing of mental statuses for consumer and enterprise markets.

Experience - Enthusiasm - Commitment
The delivery of a product that has been well appreciated in any occasion we have had to showcase. Even in a MVP stage, some companies have already asked to have it.
Be patient and focused to the target. Challenge your idea mainly from a financial sustainability side because budget management is key.