"To eliminate analog problems with digital solutions."


Year or founding: 2019
Location: Germany
Keep control and manage your digital life

With memoresa users can easily organize their important documents, subscriptions, insurances, etc. This gives them control over their lives and besides that they can also regulate what should happen with them in the event of an emergency or after their death.

memoresa offers a wide range of other features, such as the GDPR compliant sharing of documents.

Control - Planning - Security
Coming up with something no one has been successful before with.
Just get started! 80 percent of the solution is usually sufficient for the start. Exchange your ideas with others and take the feedback seriously. So far, negative feedback has always helped us to sharpen and optimize our product. The team and our own commitment is most important. To implement a new idea, you need a free hand. And you only get that if you let go of something beforehand.