"We help health entities to identify patients & their staff using biometrics."


Founded: 2019
Location: Spain
Helping health entities with patient identification and management.

Patient safety is one of the main priorities for the WHO. In Europe 145.000 patients die every year because of identification errors, costing to health entities €64 Billion. In the US identification, errors represent the third main death cause just behind strokes and diabetes, 250.000 yearly deaths and with a cost of $400B.

Unfortunately, the existing solutions are not enough and are super expensive. Our solution combines AI and Biometrics in order to create a super-accurate patient and health staff identification solution.

Accurate - Effective - Reliable
We have piloted our solution with the largest ambulance company in Spain, they liked the solution so much that they even invested in us. During 2021 we have three signed pilots with some of the largest public hospitals & ambulance companies in Spain. Also, we have added 10 prospective pilots around Europe which we expect to close in the next couple of months.