"We help health entities to identify patients & their staff using biometrics."


Founded: 2019
Location: Spain
Helping health entities with creativity and innovation

Patient identification errors are one of the main issues in today’s society. In Euro 145.000 patients die every year costing to health entities €64 Billion and in the US is actually the third main death cause just behind strokes and diabetes killing 250.000 patients every year and with a cost of $400 Billion.

Unfortunately, the existing technologies are not enough, that’s why we provide health entities with a complete patient and staff identification solution providing them with our biometric software + patient management software + biometric hardware.

Accurate - Safe - Useful
When we implement our solution to hospitals we are going to be able to improve the misidentification statistics making a huge improvement in the Society. Fewer patients are going to die because of misidentification errors and we are going to save money to the hospitals.