"The ability to make a change in the world rather than merely work towards salary raises and promotions."

Happy Joe

Founded: 2019
Location: United Kingdom
Nutrition made easy, accessible & affordable

Happy Joe will simplify the complex nutrient data in everyday, on-the-go meals. HJ promotes these meals through ‘Moods’ rather than cuisine. They believe people’s emotions drive their appetite & food choice. HJ Mood’s act as bitesize, easy-to-understand terms to simplify nutrition. Whether you wake up wanting to improve your digestion through “Gut Health”, your skin through “Skin Glow” or you’re feeling under weather so choose “Immune Booster”, we have your mood covered! Our technology synthesizes the mass nutrient data per meal and matches it to specific, authorized parameters, to fit into a Mood. HJ quantifies the app’s value-add through our unique loyalty scheme. It is unique because it subsidizes healthy eating and uses CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) techniques to encourage healthy eating. Stay loyal to your health!

The revolutionary aspect of Happy Joe is that it will reverse one of the greatest failures that the free markets & capitalism have done to the food system in making unhealthy food cheaper than healthy food.

The same way Elon Musk saw a governmental error in a lack of funding for Renewable energy, we are witnessing a lack of investment into education on how to be healthy. This leads to an abundance of diet-related diseases. Happy Joe will assist in happier, healthier lives and potentially reduce the burden on the NHS and hospitals across Europe.

Nutrition - Made - Easy
We are so pleased to have created hype around the fundamental flaw of western society: healthy food being more expensive than unhealthy food. We have also contributed to the topic of nutrition & raised awareness around the importance of the diet's role in our overall health.
You have to be passionate about what you are doing. If you are not, your peers will outwork you and you will fail. Don’t chase the money, chase your passions and the rest will all fall into place. Understand the journey will have highs & lows but the most important thing is self belief. Actively listen. Feedback is your best friend, confirmation bias is your enemy!