"We can push this vision by enterprising, more precisely by developing a tech solution and pushing it further. A tech-start-up is the best frame to do so."


Founded: 2019
Location: Romania
Digital Identity Done Right

Human-centric at heart and community building in scope, digital identity did right returns control over their own identity data to the individuals and eliminates the need for centralized institutions validating these data. On digital platforms, this translates into seamless, bottleneck free transactions aggregating into markets with optimum resource allocation and minimal regulatory costs.

EuroLedger Solutions’ vision is to contribute to a world where digital identity enables more fluid and more efficient markets. ES can push this vision by enterprising, more precisely by developing a tech solution and pushing it further. A tech-start-up is the best frame to do so. All the founders have a strong history of working as freelancers, one as a mentor as an entrepreneur, and we feel natural and comfortable in building together a start-up

Human-centric - Reputation - Portability
We are most proud of our capacity to attract top talent and our international team. Our solution, CAPENA was conceived in mid-2019 at the crossroads between digital identity and platform strategy, and out of founders’ (Geomina Richardson and Mike Richardson) frustration at the effort required to build up a profile on a marketplace. We have been fortunate to quickly gather interest from a stellar group of 11 international experts from Italy, Germany, France, the UK, Romania, and Canada. They are not part of the team but provide continuous expert support. Omar Dib, Blockchain Researcher, IRT Systems X, Paris, France, joined us in early-stage and, together with Mike Richardson, is building the product as a core team member. He is actively bringing the frontier computing research dimension to our product. We were fortunate again in that Kirill Slavin, one of the UK's top 50 tech execs according to PCR Brit List 2015, with experience in reputation portability business, is in the process of becoming Euroledger’s CEO; he is enriching the team with high-level business acumen and in-house mentorship. Together with Geomina Richardson, they are covering the business running and development.
1. Be very careful about the founders and how the equity is distributed.
2. A CEO with business acumen and rich network of contacts is crucially important.
3. Learn to navigate a blended investment model - EU funds can substantially help to sustain the team in the ideation/development phase and can mitigate the (very high) risk of failure.
4. Try to get into an accelerator programme - we hugely benefited from part of the Block start programme.
5. Be patient - it takes longer to get a start-up off the ground than anybody expects.
6. The most common problem of a start-up is related to cash-flow - pay attention to it!