"We feel like bringing Ester and flavor insights to the world (producers, retailers and certainly consumers) is my life's mission. We are in love with the problem that all these actors struggle with and want to solve it more than anything else."


Year or founding: 2018
Location: Belgium
Unlocking Individual Flavor Preferences

Ester uses flavor analysis and AI to match consumers to the right products, all based on their individual flavor profiles. Ester focuses on beer and wine today but aims to become the source of independent flavor intelligence for the food system.

Personalized - Flavor - Recommendations
We've certainly used the crisis of the past 3 months as a jumping board for growth - really setting the path and the mindset for the company going forward. The enthusiasm and passion in the team brought together remotely, is very promising for the future!
The most difficult thing is finding a balance between risk and opportunity. It can be paralyzing to think too much in terms of risk, but detrimental to only think of the opportunities. I would add that a slight skew towards opportunity is pretty healthy :-) It helps you to just do it.