"The biggest advantage in developing the most advanced implants sensors and enhance life capacity and longevity."

Esper Bionics

Founded: 2018
Location: Ukraine
Expanding Abilities

There are people without hands and today 99% of them get outdated one-grip prostheses or maneeken hands. We aim to replace them with robotic hands of similar price and connect all prostheses to our software platform to enhance their control and usability.

In 20 years people’s life will be changed the most by implant sensors. The majority will use implants to enhance different abilities, to interact with gadgets and digital world, to know and adjust body parameters, to prolong and fulfilling life.

The fastest way to get the biggest expertize in implants sensors is to focus on a niche with big demand for implants, to build there data-collective hardware and software architecture, and then to add implants. The best niche for that is hand amputees because the prosthesis itself is a very convenient charger and receiver for implants. There are no other niches with so big device close to the body.

To come ASAP to the market Esper Bionics has started to build that architecture from the prosthesis and myosensors, which are the great business opportunities regarding demand and problems of existing solutions. Then they will add the software platform for data processing, then precise external remote controls then implanted remote controls (nerve-computer interface).

With the few millions amputee users that data-collective architecture can be the biggest advantage in developing the most advanced implants sensors and enhance life capacity and longevity.

Yet the prosthetic industry is very underestimated in development of human augmentation technologies, but in 10 years big players will fight to get here.

Enhance - Human - Body
There were a lot of obstacles we overcame during the work on this startup. Most of them are engineering. Like manufacturing of small and precise details, complicated PCB, and the most important one – we began with the smallest size of a hand and placed in it all hundreds of parts, DC motors, multistory PCB, while maintaining the anatomical look of a human hand. It was a really very limited space, and our engineers did impossible by finished this prototype. The working MVP, which are used by amputees for 2 months.
To be patient and mobile. You should grow your company, and difficulties and challenges only make it stronger or prow that you chose the wrong way. In that case, you need to be mobile - and make a pivot at the right time. As a founder, you need to be overoptimistic and even overconfident but surrounded by people with a critical view, which can give you other looks on the situation.