"We are driven by the ability to impact many million lives in society and do it in a way that increase affordability in healthcare while increasing transparency in the industry."


Founded: 2017
Location: United Kingdom
Enabling payment for healthcare based on performance using emerging technology

Digipharm has pioneered a blockchain-based platform for value-based contracting of healthcare technologies and healthcare services. In healthcare there is a clear shift to payments using a ‘value-based’ approach, where the price paid is determined by performance, for example, patient benefits and real-life patient outcomes.

This approach to healthcare payments is not just relevant for pharmaceuticals or drug treatments; pricing agreements and contracting for medical devices and healthcare services have also been shifting to an approach based on outcomes and key performance indicators. However one of the biggest limiting factors is the infrastructural limitations that are experienced when implementing these types of agreements.

Since patient data and patient outcomes are used to determine the cost of care, Digipharm uses blockchain technology to create a medical information infrastructure that enables trust and a synchronized overview in these outcomes for all contracting parties. Digipharm’s smart contracts also remove the administrative burden of tracking and executing these agreements.

Value - Passion - Affordability
We are nominated for the 2020 value-based healthcare award among numerous awards that we have won in the past. We have a patent-pending for our system and we are technical implementation partner for ICHOM.
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