"With Citibeats you can take better decisions from the opinions of the citizens, to hear which are their needs, and to put the citizens in the center of the decisions."


Founded: 2018
Location: Spain
Ethical Artificial Intelligence Platform that helps Government & Finance Services

Citibeats helps Government & Finance Services organizations understand what matters to people at scale, in real-time, by providing actionable insights. They do this faster than media, increasing exponentially the coverage of surveys and at a fraction of the cost, helping organizations manage emerging risks and get an early warning on information that might require earlier response.

In only 2 years they built and scaled proprietary technology based on NLP & ML algorithms unlocking the augmented analysis of unstructured data about human behavior to deliver the best social data platform on the market in a massively scalable way.

Citibeats is growing in Europe, LATAM, and Japan through the best of breed partners, positioning Citibeats as the AI designed for respectful, inclusive, and responsive social understanding.

What inspires Citibeats is to make a good use of technology to achieve a social impact. Citibeats uses their own platform to help the Public and the Financial sector, that they can understand what matters to people at scale, in real-time, by providing actionable insights.

Ethical - Social - Understanding
One of the biggest projects that makes us prouder of developing Citibeats is the social observatory about Covid perception that we launched in less than 24 hours in Japan and in Latin America which are helping local governments to have more context about all the problems related to Covid-19 and how citizens are reacting and how all these changes are affecting to individuals, families and also big organizations.
From Citibeats, our advice for entrepreneur is: resilience and purpose are the key. In one hand, Resilience because you will be facing a lot challenges during all the trajectory, so probably you will be struggling for attracting and keeping talent and of course, having the motivated or you will have problems also to keep your cash flow positive. On the other hand, propose is one ingredient of resilience, what help us to keep going and working in our projects is having an amount shot, something that help us to work with a purpose with an objective on improving people’s life because this is the legacy that we are living with our company.