Foundation: 2015

Focused on providing deep learning technology to Healthcare

XOresearch is a company focused on providing deep learning technology to real-life
for natural language processing and healthcar

XOresearch’s AI lab is a research unit that both offers outsourcing services and develops technologies for company’s products.

The company’s first product is called CardioAI, which uses deep learning to automatically annotate and interpret electrocardiograms captured and recorded by any legally marketed source. This software medical device enables unattended cardiac monitoring with a seamless EHR interface. The cloud-based solution is scheduled to be released in 2018.

The software’s key value is the ability to accurately process and analyze ECG data more quickly than humans can currently do it, with process times for a single 24-hours ECG hovering in the 30-second range. This feature allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of patients with heart conditions, which can provide physicians and caregivers an additional tool to manage chronic conditions and reduce non- essential hospitalizations.

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