Foundation: 2017

Making infrastructure smarter and safer

  • Live cloud-based view of site traffic and fleets: Gathering road traffic data through sensors and an IoT architecture, we use advanced data processing and machine learning algorithms to deliver tangible measures such as speed, weight and vehicle type. Its cloud-based dashboard enables you to feel the pulse of the traffic on your sites and fleets in a live view, anytime and anywhere.
  • Predictive maintenance from objective actionable insights: Altaroad data from inside the road and our algorithms help to insure continuous monitoring and precise prediction of road maintenance needs.
  • ​The benefits of predictive maintenances: Cost saving, objective data rather than gut-feeling, acting proactively instead of reacting to problems,planning work at the right place and the right time, alerts.
  • Freight Fleet Optimization System: The data helps the road as much as the vehicle on it. Imagine if the road could signal emergency braking ahead of you, upcoming vehicles around the corner or dangerous vehicles in the vicinity. Driving would suddenly be safer. Even further, it could indicate whether the load of a truck is not balanced to prevent fuel over-consumption or tire/engine premature ageing.

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