Startup of the week- U- Hopper

Published in Aug 1, 2019

The startup of this week is: U-Hopper. U-Hopper develops personalized Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence software and chatbot solutions based on cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.The mission is to deliver top-quality analytics consulting and provide data-driven ITC solutions to support large and mid-sized businesses, operating in various verticals, including manufacturing, logistics, energy, retail and banking.

How and when did the idea of ​​your startup arise?

Some time ago, we were all stumbling on the annoying effect of cookies: persecution of online advertisements on anything purchased or viewed online.We were (and are) aware that consumers’ and users’ online behaviour is essential information to businesses in order to offer personalized and tailored content. And by the way, it is also very (very) useful for profits!
Usually, actions to obtain an accurate “”profile”” are based on monitoring the user’s online browsing activity, which stumbles on two obstacles. First of all it is anything but fast, since it requires observation over time, second, it is limited to the specific website providing the service. Easy to understand that a few limitations exist.A couple of years back, we thought about an alternative solution: what if customers’ profiles could be constructed by leveraging a different source of information, such as social networks? And that is how Tapoi was born!
The collection and analysis of consumers’ social activity allows businesses to build a complementary, punctual and reliable commercial profile in real-time, with no time nor coverage constraints – social activity is a lot, much more than users’ online activity on a specific web site.


Which problem does your company want to solve?

On the B2B side, we help businesses to stand out of the crowd and target customers properly. It is hard for companies nowadays to reach their final customers and offer them the right content at the right time according to real, existing commercial needs, simply because they are not able to get to know them!
We can make that happen: the insights that we generate can be leveraged by our customers to create personalised customer experiences for their final users, which suit their real commercial needs.


Which is your value proposition?

Our service allows companies to offer a real personalized customer experience, by targeting the right customer at the right time, with the right content. This is possible through Tapoi, which leverages social data to help companies in building customer profiles with no time nor coverage constraints. As a consequence, companies have the chance to get to know customers quickly, in real-time, with a high degree or reliability and accuracy.


Why is Data so important for your business?

In Data we trust! Data is the essence of Tapoi and of our company and we believe that domain know-how is essential to deliver professional services. We rely a lot on data in our daily business and we want to offer our customers the possibility to leverage data-driven decisions, which are based on objective facts and figures.


Which are the main benefits of using your products/services?

Businesses can leverage our profiling service to deliver a personalized customer experience based on the integration of social data with other data-sources and eventual internally-implemented solutions, to open up further business opportunities related to cross- and up-selling activities.
At the same time, final customers can benefit from accessing personalised offers and content, on the product/service of interest, through the right channel, at the right time.


Which are the main challenges that you are facing today?

We are nowadays facing two main issues. The first is related to GDPR, which we (and not only) perceive as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, since it gives us the possibility to act in compliance and respect of people’s privacy. The second is related to the importance of data in today’s economy. It is not easy to get traditional businesses understand that data-driven services represent the future of the economy and that it is essential to exploit data as a real asset by extracting value out of it.


What do you expect from Data Market Services?

We believe that the opportunity offered by Data Market Service will allow us to broaden our array of skills, competences and tools and will increase our internal know-how towards the improvement of our team as a whole to make our business grow in a proper sustainable and competitive way.


Have your startup recieved some awards or recognitions?

Not yet, but hopefully we will 😉

More information!

Following are a couple of articles providing insights on the functioning of Tapoi. They were all produced by our team and respectively relate to:

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