Startup of the week: Nori Health

Published in Jul 11, 2019

Our Startup of the week is Nori Health!

Nori Health is an AI-driven chatbot coach for chronic disease patients, to help discover and change lifestyle factors that impact well-being.Was fundated on December, 1st of 2017 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

How and when did the idea of ​​your startup arise?

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease over ten years ago. From that point onwards, it became a big part of my life. As the years went by I experienced a lack of support in between medical appointments: in order to optimize lifestyle behavior, which is crucial for many chronic diseases. This was the basis for the birth of Nori Health.

Which problem does your company want to solve?

Support in between (bi-yearly) hospital appointments for chronic disease patients. We aim to provide personalized guidance to optimize lifestyle behavior and psychological strength.

Which is your value proposition?

Nori is a chatbot coach that helps people to discover and change lifestyle factors that impact symptoms. In a 6-week digital therapeutics program, patients optimize both practical and holistic ways to find better quality of life.

Why is Data so important for your business?

Many chronic diseases, like Crohn’s Disease, are highly personal and make it difficult to support. Data and AI make it possible to treat people at scale on a personal level.

Which are the main benefits of using your products/services?

Chronic disease patients can find better quality of life, with decreased symptoms – and in the end hopefully less hospital visits.

Which are the main challenges that you are facing today?

As a startup who has data at the core of our business model, in an ecosystem where there is an increasing number of new and tighter regulations we are facing an emerging amount of difficulties on scaling our business and making sure that we are compliant with the latest regulations.

What do you expect from Data Market Services?

Acceleration. We want to move as fast as we can, and this program supports that.

Have your startup recieved some awards or recognitions?

Nori Health has been nominated for several prizes, including as a startup finalist for The Next Web (2018), Accenture Innovation (2018) and the Future Healthcare (2018) awards.

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