Startup of the week – Intelsoft Technologies

Published in Oct 17, 2019

Intelsoft Technologies provides complete modeling automation to help business better understand and predict its operations, customer behavior, and external environment.
Its team have answered some questions to let us know more about it.

How and when did the idea of ​​your startup arise?

The idea of creating intelligent systems came to light during models development for a variety of customers within different industries. In either business field, modeling process itself is overly labor-intensive and expensive. This inspired us to provide solutions that would automate all the routine and bring a vast efficiency improvement.

Which problem does your company want to solve?

Predictive modeling is an expensive and time-consuming process, while eventual accuracy depends on data science and IT skills. As the process takes months, business usually has to use outdated models. As a result, companies aren’t able to make full use of their Big Data.

Which is your value proposition?

You can now make full use of your Big Data dealing only with the business side of the process. All the advanced analytics is handled automatically in the background while predictive models are built within minutes and with much higher precision.

Why is Data so important for your business?

Data analysis is the core essence of our solution. Therefore, it’s all about data.

Which are the main benefits of using your products/services?

– Higher prediction accuracy compared to other products on market
– Models are built within minutes instead of months
– Up-to-date models at every given moment
– Possibility to utilize available data without data science and IT skills
– Automated large tasks

Which are the main challenges that you are facing today?

One of main challenges for us is dealing with EU companies in term of data exchange on both stages, POC and further integration. Since setting forth of GDPR any company dealing with big data faces a lot of issues and peculiarities in regards to how to comply with the said regulations and make sure your customer is not in breach of its requirements. Moreover, the mentioned issues are much harder to solve when startup is based outside the EU.

What do you expect from Data Market Services?

We expect the program allows us for better understanding on EU compliance in terms of data processing, boosting business and marketing skills, networking, as well as brand awareness within EU.

Have your startup recieved some awards or recognitions?

Received a grant from the US state fund CRDF Global, Prizewinner of acceleration program with UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group.

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