Startup of the week: IndeeWork

Published in Jul 25, 2019

The startup of this week is: IndeeWork.

IndeeWork was founded in 2016 by Dominik Brown, Andreas Boerner and Rodion Hagin. The three founders have a deep understanding of IT, software development and economics. Currently, IndeeWork hast 14 full time employees from 5 different countries.

IndeeWork develops modular and easily configurable automation platform that enables companies to create their own integrated and automated field service workflow to an extent, which is unique on the market. IndeeWork’s vision is to be the leading Field Service Automation Platform.

How and when did the idea of ​​your startup arise?

The three founders Dominik Brown, Andreas Boehner and Rodion Hagin met during their studies at the University of Stuttgart. After graduating, they pursued a career in the IT and development industry. After gaining experience in various companies such as Bosch, IBM, SAP and Telekom, the three founded IndeeWork in June 2016. The first idea was to develop a B2C platform for freelancers. In this early product, job scheduling already played a very important role. However, as the product evolved, they identified the relevance of the issue in the B2B area. After consultation with various experts in this field and feedback from relevant companies, the scheduling process was elaborated and the current B2B business idea was established.


Which problem does your company want to solve?

Field service scheduling is a very complex topic depending on many different variables. Manual planning does not lead to an efficient schedule and therefore customer appointments are not in time or not happening at all. By building a software that is data-driven and backed by artificial intelligence, IndeeWork wants to solve the digital transformation and automation of field service organisations. We offer a constant high planning accuracy, a standardized planning process, be able to measure the performance and offer an integrated field service pipeline.


Which is your value proposition?

IndeeWork enables automated and fully integrated field service pipelines for technical field service organizations.


Why is Data so important for your business?

We use data to determine which technician is performing which job, when and where, to ensure optimal efficiency. Hereby we use internal data from the customer’s system (orders, availability, skills, etc.) as well as external data sources (traffic, parking, weather, use case specific data). Regular data supply continually updates the IndeeWork engine scheduling engine and ensures high prediction performance even under rapidly changing circumstances that customers may face.


Which are the main benefits of using your products/services?

– Complete automation of field service pipeline.
– Integration of ERP system and mobile technician app.
– Higher technician productivity through efficient assignment of tasks.
– Process digitalization and standardization.
– Services are always executed and assigned in the same way.
– Enabling real time control and measurement of success.

As a result or using IndeeWork’s Field Service Automation Platform (FSAP), service staff arrive in time, energy parks are maintained more efficiently and the upkeep of city infrastructure is executed in an optimal way.


Which are the main challenges that you are facing today?

Due to the high demand of our product, the IndeeWork team grew rapidly and will continue to grow. At the moment one of the main challenges lies in recruiting the right people for the right tasks. Another main challenge is to make connections outside of Germany and find business partners all over Europe. Moreover, we are facing the challenge of finding the right marketing channels and reach the right people and companies.


What do you expect from Data Market Services?

We are fundraising at the moment. Data market services can help us identify investors outside of Germany.

We are hoping to train our marketing skills and get input in setting up our digital marketing strategy. We are also looking forward to provide our growing team with trainings in non-tech skills. Moreover, we want to use the opportunity Data Market Services offers to receive GDPR training and standards awareness.


Have your startup recieved some awards or recognitions?

M. Tech Accelerator, Spin Lab, Telekom Tech Boost, Smart Infrastructure Hub Leipzig.