Standards and innovation – your gateway to market

Published in Oct 18, 2019

Standardization is not just about developing documents (or specifications). It is about building communities of experts and getting people together, with the ultimate goal to create largely adopted standards, essential to make innovation happen.

Many, especially smaller companies, should use standards for knowledge transfer and for market access. Standards are a pool of knowledge on the current state of technology, and it is recommended to first analyze which standards are already out there and/or where standards might be needed.

Then, influencing the content of standards is critical. It can be done by participating selectively in collective industrial avenues, preferably at the European and the international levels.

The European Commission has giving standardization a key role in Horizon 2020, and it is expected that the role of standardization in research and innovation will become even more prominent in the future. W3C/ERCIM participated in the making of the “Rolling plan for ICT standardization 2019” that identifies 170 actions grouped into four thematic areas: key enablers and security, societal challenges, innovation for the single market and sustain-able growth.

Take Web standards for example, as the Web is everywhere and impacts all industry verticals. At the World Wide Web Consortiun (W3C), global technology leaders develop protocols and guidelines in a respected, vendor-neutral forum for the long-term growth of the Web.

Not only it is often challenging for SMEs to find providers, customers or partners that share the same interests as they do, but building a market around a new usage of the Web can be a major obstacle for the growth of smaller companies. To bring an idea deployed to the scale of the Web, W3C standardization provide a unique opportunity to achieve broad adoption on diverse software and devices.

Learn more on how to participate in the activities that shape the future of the Web and how to drive the direction of core Web technology and exchange ideas with industry and research leaders.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash