Let DMS deliver new services to you and expand your reach

We offer a comprehensive range of services that move startups to market toward success. These services are organized to fit you.

At DMS Accelerator, we recognize that a company needs to be unique. And that’s a challenge we gladly embrace. So, whether you’re a startup trying to understand public funding opportunities, or a to connect with key mentors and coaches, DMS has the expertise to get you on your way.

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Fundraising services will facilitate the discovery of public and private funding opportunities for the selected SMEs and start-ups. It will also allow SMEs to establish connections with other companies in the cohort and with relevant private investors (BA, VC & Corporates).


We will provide entrepreneurial training to the cohort in different non-tech skills that are required to develop a business adequately. These trainings also give companies an opportunity to be involved with our coaches and external network of mentors.

and Legal

Apart from having a good idea, a strategic plan, and the determination to see it through, startups and SMEs must also consider a wide range of legal issues for protecting their businesses. If you want to harvest economic value from your intellectual assets, or you are facing some GDPR issues these trainings on legal backgrounds will be useful for you.

Data Skills

Data Skills provides startups and SMEs access to the contents of the SDSA (Southampton Data Science Academy), and specific online courses given by King’s College London.


One of the essential things for a startup is the creation of a marketing plan. This includes the research and identification of specific customers’ needs and the way in which the company is going to meet these needs while getting a satisfactory return level. Moreover the marketing plan includes analysis of current marketing conditions and detailed description of particular tasks, steps, goals, costs etc. So that, given the importance of the field in business, we will help you with setting up the strategy, as well as with the implementation, promoting your company in international events.