Productivity Hacks for Startup CEOs

Published in Oct 29, 2019

Being productive was never as important as today. And if we are talking about a startup CEO constantly balancing between product, marketing, hiring, fundraising and so much more, deciding and acting fast gets even more critical to one’s (professional and personal) success.

As we are talking about productivity, let’s go straight to some recommendations that might help you get things done (even if you’re not a startup CEO):

– Must-dos first: always start with your top priorities.
– Stop multitasking: instead of dispersing your attention and switching between activities, focus on one task at a time.
– Perfect is the enemy of good: don’t lose time improving something that is already good enough, and move on to another task.
– Constrain the time you work: by shortening the time frame of your tasks you will instigate a positive sense of urgency.
– Automate repetitive tasks: free your time and attention for new and critical issues.
– Manage your notifications: shut off noncritical phone and computer notifications when you need to focus on important tasks.
– Know when to delegate and outsource: discover which tasks really require your input and which can be handled by properly skilled professionals.
– Shorten meetings: avoid unnecessary discussions and promote stand-up meetings.
– Use music to boost energy: harness the power of instrumental music and avoid lyrics.
– Clear your mind: write down important thoughts, ideas and tasks to let your brain focus on creative thinking rather than memorization;
– Use fewer tools: pick a few good ones and avoid wasting time on learning and switching between tools.
– Invest in yourself: exercise, eat healthy, sleep well, nurture constructive relationships. Happiness tends to have a major impact on productivity.