King’s College London joins Data Market Services consortium

Published in Feb 18, 2020

King’s College London (KCL) joined the H2020 Data Market Services (DMS) consortium as partner n.10 in February 2020. The addition of this tenth partner increases the presence of Higher Education Institutions in the DMS consortium, now represented by the University of Southampton and KCL. 

King’s College London is ranked in the top 10 of research universities in the UK, and top 25 worldwide, participating in a high number of collaborative research projects and related initiatives. Its Department of Informatics, ranked 7th in the UK, has a leading role in developments in several areas of computer science, including AI, Human Centered Computing Research, and Data Science, with 6 groups and 5 research hubs and an interdisciplinary drive.

One of these groups is the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Group, some of whose members will be supporting KCL’s contribution to the DMS project. Led by the Principal Investigator Professor Elena Simperl KCL’s contribution will be focussed on the provision of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence training for SMEs, drawing from broad expertise in addressing the data skills gap in the European SME ecosystem.

Other tasks allocated to KCL will consist of providing leadership for monitoring the provision of the services in order to maximise the quality of the services. KCL will also be responsible for some dissemination tasks, such as the creation of two white papers, to be released in June 2020 and June 2021. These white papers will share the lessons learned during the course of the DMS project, addressing the current demands for knowledge and insights in future economic and societal scenarios within the European Union.