How UK startups are keeping their EU connections alive after Brexit

Published in Feb 10, 2021

UK might have left the EU, but that doesn’t mean its startups have to.

For many startups across the UK, Brexit has been like trying to put together new IKEA furniture with random pieces missing and blank pages in the instruction booklet. 

With freshly published trade negotiations being test-driven for the first time and the UK’s own new national regulations in several key areas still yet to be decided, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air. But perhaps the biggest question facing founders right now is how they’re going to hold on to their EU customers and partners in a post-Brexit world. 

TNW has reached out to five UK-based startups that recently took part in our programme to find out how they’re maintaining their connections on the continent.

Brexit has left us with a lot of unknowns. But, if anyone is equipped to navigate them, it’s the country’s innovative startup community. While there was an air of underlying nostalgia in each interview we conducted, the ambition to grow, disrupt, and experiment with new solutions hasn’t faded. 

While Britain may have left the EU, its startups aren’t giving up on the relationship.