Deep Learning is here to know what you want

Published in Nov 19, 2019

Deep Learning has been going into our day to day and has already taken a good place. Specifically in advertising. More and more companies use this tool related to Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, Deep Learning is just a type of Machine Learning, inspired by the structure of a human brain. Deep learning algorithms attempt to draw similar conclusions as humans would by continually analyzing data with a given logical structure. To achieve this, deep learning uses a multi-layered structure of algorithms called neural networks.

On e-commerce, Deep Learning is the perfect tool to predict users’ wishes. Technology simplifies our daily user experience by offering deeply targeted ads that contain not only the products we are most likely to buy, but also those we have not seen or products that we have not even thought of.

Artificial Intelligence has become the pattern established to make sense of big data for many industries, and of course, this has great relevance on e-commerce. This is generating competitiveness between companies that apply and research AI on their digital platforms and those that do not.

The reason this tool is so impressive is that it learns in the same way as people, but faster. It analyzes people one by one, and impacting on results in real time. Now you don’t think so much about where the ad will be placed, now you think who it is shown to.

And this is something that escapes human abilities. Scary, isn’t it?

Session 1

Session 1